Affirmation Card Set

Introducing our Hand-Painted Affirmation Cards – a heartfelt and empowering gift that uplifts the spirit and warms the heart. These beautifully crafted cards are more than just paper; they're a source of inspiration and positivity. Each card is adorned with meticulously hand-painted designs and features a unique, uplifting affirmation.

Perfect for gifting on birthdays, milestones, or to offer support and encouragement during challenging times, these affirmation cards radiate love and confidence. These cards are perfect gift for those seeking a daily dose of inspiration and self-assurance.


Elevate your gardening experience with our floral-printed aprons. These stylish and functional aprons add a touch of nature's beauty to your outdoor endeavors, keeping you looking great while you tend to your garden. Embrace both style and practicality in your gardening adventures with these elegant aprons.

Argentine Forget-Me-Not


Dried flower baubles are a charming addition to Christmas decor and make for thoughtful gifts. These clear ornaments are filled with dried flowers, leaves, and natural elements, adding a rustic touch to your festive display. Hang them on the tree, create centerpieces, or use them as unique gifts with a personal touch. Dried flower baubles combine the beauty of nature with holiday spirit, making them a delightful addition to any celebration.

Beginner Growers Workshop

2 - 4 August 2024

Have you wanted to start your flower journey, but all the things you need to think of are overwhelming that you have no idea where to start? Well this course is absolutely for you! With detailed information and worksheets you can use and all the information you need to start your growing journey, you will be so happy you invested in yourself.

The biggest thing I needed was information, but also to just get started and get my hands dirty. Well, you will be doing both on this amazing weekend jam packed with practical activities as well as loads of information, walks through the garden, demo’s and the business of flowers.

The information you will get is so valuable and is a combination of what I have learnt from growing, development to an established brand and farm.

Topics We Will Cover
Setting your floral goals & planning your space
Standard bed design and spacing
Organic growing and soil health
Cutting garden flowers
Succession planting
Seed sowing
Propagation methods
Seasonal flowers
Plant spacing guide
Expenses planning
Seasonal task calender
Dahlia propagating and planting for the Summer season
Growing for your market
Wrapping and pricing
Marketing your flowers
And much more

You will also get your hands dirty and sow your own seeds for the coming season with our organic seeds grown on the farm
You will get your gardeners tool belt which is a game changer for any farmer, event designer and general creative badass.
There are so many more great things we will include but wont give away too much.
All of this information as well as the following is included;
Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack both days
Coffee and refreshing waters and homemade lemonade
Tool belt
Seasonal seed starter kit
Flower workable calendar
Booklet of information and all notes
Some nice surprises you will get a hint of that closer to the time.


This cozy blanket is a delightful blend of warmth and beauty. Adorned with a charming array of delicate flower prints, it exudes a sense of natural elegance and comfort. Its soft and breathable fabric makes it perfect for snuggling up on chilly evenings or adding a touch of floral charm to your home decor. Whether you're curling up with a good book, enjoying a movie night, or simply looking to infuse your space with a touch of nature's grace, this floral-printed blanket is the ideal companion for both style and comfort.

Bouquet Basics

Learn Techniques To Make An Amazing Flower Bouquet

Step into the enchanting world of floristry with our Bouquet Basics workshop! This hands-on experience is designed for flower enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to budding florists. In this workshop, participants will learn the art of creating stunning bouquets effortlessly and quickly.

Teneale will guide you through the fundamental techniques of selecting and preparing flowers, understanding colour schemes, and mastering the art of design floral layers. You will have a bootcamp in the spiral technique, and then layer your amazing bouquet easily in your hand

Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with a diverse array of seasonal blooms. Whether you’re crafting a bouquet for a special occasion or simply want to add a touch of beauty to your home, this workshop will empower you with the skills and creativity to design breathtaking bouquets.

The incredibly unique and special feature of this workshop is walking through the field selecting your blooms you want to work with. Once equipped with the knowledge of different floral layers you will love the process of curating your recipe for your design.

How it works

This workshop is 3 hours.

Please be sure to bring a hat and wear comfortable shoes. Bring garden shears from home, or if you forget yours you are welcome to purchase one from us.

Chrysanthemum Double Mini's Seeds

Chrysanthemum Prints

Cosmos Print 2

Dahlia Print 2

Dahlia Towel

Introducing our Dahlia Print Towel – where luxury meets functionality. Crafted from premium cotton, this generously sized towel dries you quickly and adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom or next to the pool. Elevate your daily routine with this stylish essential.


Field to Vase Workshop

I will show you my foam free mechanics and design process for making your own artful, yet natural, arrangements for your next event.

We will discuss what is available in the current season, what is coming next and how to condition your flowers for the longest vase life.
We will also touch on floral layers to create interesting and unique designs.
We will then venture into the garden to forage your own flowers for your design.
We will arrange under the trees in the garden with some Saronsberg bubbly and bakes to be enjoyed. You will get a vase to design your arrangement in and to take home.

Floral Fantasies - Floral Designer

Unleash your inner artist with our Floral Fantasies Gift Box! Packed with everything you need to craft breathtaking floral arrangements, this thoughtfully curated set is a must-have for any aspiring or seasoned floral designer.

Begin your journey by sowing the seeds of creativity with our premium selection of flower seeds, promising a bounty of colourful blooms to inspire your designs. Keep track of your botanical wonders with the included plant tags, ensuring each specimen is cherished and nurtured to perfection.

Craft with precision and elegance using our designer sheers, designed to effortlessly trim and shape your floral creations with finesse. Elevate your arrangements with the timeless beauty of the ceramic kenzan, providing a stable foundation for your designs while allowing for graceful, flowing compositions.

Capture the fleeting beauty of your blossoms with our pressed flower frame, preserving your favourite blooms as cherished keepsakes or stunning decor pieces. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, our Floral Fantasies Gift Box is your key to unlocking endless possibilities in the world of floral artistry.


What's Included in the Floral Fantasies Gift Box:

*Please note that seeds varieties will be chosen according to planting season.

Foxglove Seeds