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Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails

Scientific Name: Lagurus ovatus

Height: Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails typically grow to a height of 61-91cm (24-36 inches). It is important to consider this height requirement when selecting a planting location to ensure the grass has enough space to grow and thrive.

Days to Maturity: The days to maturity for Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails are not applicable as they are typically grown as ornamental annual plants. This means that they complete their life cycle within a single growing season and do not persist from year to year.

Sun Preference: Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails prefer full sun exposure. This means they should be planted in an area that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day for optimal growth and development.

Plant Type: Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails are classified as annual plants, which means they complete their life cycle within a single growing season. As annuals, they will need to be replanted each year if desired in order to enjoy their ornamental qualities.

Appearance : They produce graceful gray-green blades with elongated heads that turn into a delicate cream color as they mature. The heads of the grass resemble fluffy bunny tails, giving them a soft and whimsical appearance. The texture of the grass is described as soft, similar to a well-worn baby’s blanket, making it irresistible to touch.

Harvesting : : Allow the Bunny Tails grass to fully mature on the plant. The seed heads will turn a delicate cream colour and soften as they age. Ensure that the seed heads are completely dry before harvesting. This is important to prevent mold or rot during storage Use clean and sharp scissors or pruning shears to cut the seed heads from the plant. Cut just below the seed head to ensure you capture the entire cluster of seeds. Place the cut seed heads in a paper bag or container to catch any seeds that may fall during handling. Allow the collected seed heads to further dry in a warm, well-ventilated area for a few days to ensure they are completely dry before storing.: Once fully dried, store the Bunny Tails ornamental grass seeds in a cool, dry place in a labeled envelope or container until you are ready to sow them.

Vase life: Dries to have an extended vase life

Special features: In suitable climates, bunny tail grass can naturalize and self-sow, creating drifts of soft, fluffy seed heads that add a whimsical touch to landscapes.

Drying Options: Harvest when pollen has dropped. Hang upside down in a warm and dark area.

Design features: These sweet little tufts of fluff are a firm favourite and are used in all designing, wreaths, wearables, and vase arrangements as well as gorgeous dried installations.

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