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Scientific NameAquilegia canadensis.

Sun Preference: Aquilegia, commonly known as columbine, thrives in partial shade to full sun. However, it generally prefers partial shade, especially in regions with hot summers.

Height: The height of Aquilegia plants typically ranges from 30 cm to 90 cm, depending on the variety. Some dwarf varieties may be shorter, while others can grow taller under optimal conditions.

Plant Spacing: When planting Aquilegia, it is recommended to space the plants approximately 30 cm to 45 cm apart. This spacing allows the plants to have enough room to grow and spread without overcrowding.

Plant Type: Aquilegia plants are herbaceous perennials that belong to the Ranunculaceae family. They are known for their distinctive spurred flowers that come in a variety of colors and combinations.

Days to Maturity: Aquilegia plants typically take about 60 to 90 days from planting to reach maturity and start blooming. However, this can vary depending on the specific variety and growing conditions.

Appearance : Columbine flowers are unique and elegant, with spurred petals that give them a distinctive appearance. The flowers come in a variety of colors, including shades of blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, and white. Some cultivars have bi-colored or multi-colored petals.

Harvesting : : As the flower is almost fully open.

Vase life : The vase life is  typically ranges from 5 to 7 days

Special Features:  In the language of flowers, columbine symbolizes love, gratitude, and faithfulness. It is also associated with the concept of courage and standing strong in the face of challenges. Columbines have been cultivated for centuries and hold cultural significance in various traditions and folklore. They are sometimes considered symbols of protection or good luck.

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