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Love in a Puff

Scientific Name: Cardiospermum halicacabum

Height: Love in a Puff plants can reach a height of 183-305cm (6-10ft). It is essential to provide adequate support for the vines to climb and thrive.

Days to Maturity: Love-in-a-puff vine grows quickly, making it ideal for covering unsightly areas or for creating a lush, green screen in a short amount of time.

Sun Preference: Love in a Puff thrives in full sun exposure. Ensure that the planting location receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth and flowering.

Plant Type: Love in a Puff is classified as an annual plant, meaning it completes its life cycle within one growing season. As an annual vine, it will grow vigorously, flower, set seed, and then die off naturally.

Appearance : The plant features small greenish balloons that contain three black seeds, each marked with a white heart. These balloons give the plant a distinctive look, resembling puffy three-sided structures. The vine itself is not showy in terms of flowers but stands out due to the intriguing nature of its seed pods.

Harvesting : Harvest stems once they covered in little green lanterns. This is especially wilt prone, cut in the cooler part of the day, pop in water immediately with hydrator. For use in vases a hydration chamber before working with it is advisable.

Vaselife: The vase life of Love in a Puff can typically range from 5-7 days.


Special Features: : The seed pods of Love in a Puff contain three black seeds, each marked with a white heart, which gives this plant its unique and charming appearance. Some gardeners use love-in-a-puff as a companion plant because it can help deter certain pests. Its dense foliage can provide habitat for beneficial insects that prey on garden pests.

Design features: I love using this vine as a decorative final layer, depending on what the arrangement calls for. If using this vine in an installation you have to hydrate before and make sure it has a water source as it is a very delicate ingredient

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