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Scientific Name: Digitalis purpurea

Harvesting : when just a few blooms are open before the bees pollinate the flowers.

Vaselife : Vase life can be expected for 6-8 days.

Appearance : In the second year, an upright flower stem emerges from the centre of the basal clump with smaller leaves. The flower spikes can grow 90 – 100cm tall and consist of tubular bell-shaped flowers that are pink, purple, apricot, or white in color. These flowers have long hairs inside and are heavily spotted with dark purple edges in white on the lower lip. The downward-facing flowers serve as a landing platform for pollinators like bees 

Special Features : Foxgloves are the source of digitalis, a group of medicines used to treat heart conditions. The cardiac glycosides extracted from foxgloves help strengthen heart contractions and regulate heart rate. Despite their medicinal uses, all parts of the foxglove plant are highly toxic if ingested. Symptoms of foxglove poisoning can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hallucinations, and even heart failure. Foxgloves have various symbolic meanings, including insincerity and pride. In some folklore, they are associated with fairies and were believed to have magical properties.

Toxicity : Home care for foxglove poisoning involves seeking immediate medical help and not inducing vomiting unless advised by a poison control centre or healthcare provider

Design features: I simply love foxglove. I design to use their long line figure tendrils as a focal flower because they are so striking. They are a showstopper in a meadow arrangement and are the epitome of an English garden variety flower.

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