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A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Anemone

The prolific cup-like showy flower

Anemone’s are the work horse of the Spring garden, producing plenty blooms  throughout spring. An incredibly popular flower for a long vase life and a versatile flower for designing and arranging.

Growing Guide

  1. Bulbs are dry and unimpressive when you first see them. Place them in an aerated bag and soak for maximum 4 hours. Longer and they will be more prone to rot.
  2. Before planting prepare your soil with compost and organic matter. Plant the bulbs 5 – 8cm deep with 23cm spacing, with the pointed end
    facing up.
  3. After planting, water the areas thoroughly to help settle the soil around the roots. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged until the plants start to establish.


Care Guide

Anemone’s will flower just 3 months after planting. You can expect anything from 15-25 blooms per corm over the Spring. Do not let plants get exposed to extremely cold temperatures. If you do not have enough space in your garden you can grow them in crates. 20 bulbs will fit into a deep crate.

Harvest as soon as they open to get the best vase life. Cut the spent blooms
down to the base to encourage new blooms.

Click here to download our growing guide.

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