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You Grow Girl – Beginner Growers


Introducing our custom designed Beginner Grower’s Gift Box, the perfect companion for those eager to cultivate their own floral oasis! Packed with essentials, this thoughtful kit empowers budding green thumbs with everything they need to kick start their gardening journey.

Inside, discover a treasure trove of botanical wonders: hand-selected seeds bursting with colour and fragrance, biodegradable trays for eco-conscious planting, nutrient-rich compost extract for nourishing soil, plant tags for easy identification, and a comprehensive seed sowing guide to ensure success at every step.

Whether it’s a windowsill garden or a backyard haven, this all-in-one box equips beginners with the tools and knowledge to nurture vibrant blooms and cultivate a deeper connection with nature. Give the gift of growth and joy with our “You Grow Girl” today!


What’s Included in the You Grow Girl Gift Box:

  • 5 seed varieties 
  • 5 plant tags to match your seeds 
  • Bio Trays
  • Compost Extract
  • Seed Sowing Guide

*Please note that seeds varieties will be chosen according to planting season.


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