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Gardening Goddess – Luxury Garden Box


Our Gardening Goddess Gift Box is a tailor-made collection for those who revel in the joys of gardening and the beauty of blooms. Bursting with essentials to cultivate your own vibrant garden oasis and create timeless pressed flower treasures, this box is a gardener’s dream come true.

Cultivate your own colourful oasis with seeds, compost extract, and bio trays. Craft with precision using designer shears and a gardening tool belt. Preserve blooms with a pressed flower frame and indulge your senses with a fragrance sachet. This custom box is a gardener’s delight, from seed to bloom.

Our gift boxes are all custom designed with love to share in our passion for flowers with everyone! 


What’s Included in the Gardening Goddess Gift Box: 

  • 5 seed varieties
  • 5 plant tags to match your seeds 
  • Compost Extract 
  • Bio Trays 
  • Designer Shears 
  • Gardening Tool Belt 
  • Fragrance Sachet 
  • Pressed Flower Frame 
  • Seed Sowing Guide

*Please note that seeds varieties will be chosen according to planting season.


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